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Have you ever lined up around the block to buy a scoop of Salt & Straw Ice cream? Or waited hours at an Apple store? Have you ever opted for water because a restaurant served Pepsi instead of Coke or vise versa? Have you ever paid more for an identical product simply because it had a name you recognized? You know, just in case... If you’ve had any of the above experiences you’ve seen great branding in action. These experiences are not random and these businesses aren’t “lucky”. They’re the result of a carefully crafted set of cues that are designed to connect with you on an emotional level.  Cues that tell you in either words, images or an experience what this business stands for and how it plans on serving you the customer.  When you create the right brand experience and craft the right message, it’s magic.  People drive hours to buy from you. People rave about you on social media and tell all their friends. People wait in long lines. Your products sell out... You drop the mic and walk into the sunset with a suitcase full of cash. But for most businesses here’s the reality: You're great at what you do but you still haven’t built the kind of traction you know you should have. Your customers love you but they seem to keep you a secret.  There are too many times when work seems to dry up and even though you have some marketing activities in place they never actually yield the results you want. You write blog posts, put up Instagram content, do your weekly Facebook live, reach out on LinkedIn, even hire a small marketing agency but it's still always hit or miss. You feel like you’re always having to push the business up a steep hill and you wonder, "When will people realize how great my business is? When will people line up for my products??  We’ve all been there at one time or another(welcome to entrepreneurship!) But how do you change that once and for all?  Marketers will all tell you something different. The Facebook people will tell you to run FB Ads, the Instagram people will tell you to post memes, and your mom will tell you put one of those bus bench ads your Uncle Larry the Lawyer does.  No matter what marketing tactics you use, the first thing you absolutely have to work on is your brand and message. It's the core of any marketing and in some ways the core of your business.  The thing about messaging is that whether or not you’ve actually spent time on it - you ARE sending messages. How you answer emails, the copy on your website, the phone call you had with a potential customer… anything you do that your potential customer sees sends a message (this is called a touchpoint BTW.) We help you control the messages you send and make sure that you're speaking to the right people in the right way to create that magical emotional response.  We help our customers assess the messages they’re putting out - their website, their marketing materials, their offers - and recreate those messages to elicit the right response.   We help you build more than a business, we help you build a brand. We do this with customers in different ways but there is a baseline formula (we did promise you a magic formula after all.)

THE MAGIC FORMULA Language + Identity + Customer Journey = Brand

Language: The words you use send some of the most important signals to customers about who you are and what you do. Your language needs to be concrete, concise and spoken in a tone that matches not only your service but also your customers Brand Identity: What does your brand look and feel like? How do you present? What’s unique about you? Brand identity is your brand’s personality but also what you stand for and what you represent. It has to be attractive to your audience, unique, consistent and aligned. Customer Journey: This is really about time, where your customers are on their journey and how your business fits in. Are they at a place where they can even see you? Are they ready to work with you? Does your offer or product help them get where they’re trying to go? There are several other concepts that get included in this equation - positioning, pricing, tone of voice and brand story for example. But these all fall under the big three and we'll work on them as well. When your messaging is firing on all cylinders there’s nowhere your business can’t go. You create an amazing brand experience that people connect to almost immediately and whether or not they’re ready to buy right away, they recognize your product as the right one for them. They feel connected to your brand - just like you feel connected to brands you always buy from.

We help you assess where your brand is today and how to create the right messaging that creates that deep brand connection with your market. In other words, we make MAGIC! The results? Close more sales easierRaise your pricesIncrease referralsBuild trust fasterAlign you with your customerAmplify your marketingRe-energize your businessStand out in your spaceBecome a leader in your industry So just to be clear - the above may sound really basic to you, or it may sound super complicated. The truth is that it’s both.  These are advanced branding techniques. Major brands look at these areas in their business ALOT and hire huge teams and dedicated agencies just to manage what’s simply referred to as branding. At Brand School we're offering the same brand strategies large companies pay millions for in an accessible and affordable system that helps you stand out in todays market. With so many industries being so oversaturated, it’s easy to create messaging that feels like more of the same or that barely differentiates you.  Our goal is to help you carve a place for yourself that feels unique to customers. So they don’t see you as one of many solutions - they see you as THE ONLY solution.  Our clients see immediate results. Right out of the gate, our clients experience a new sense of possibility for them and their business. That’s because we begin all our engagements with rebuilding the vision of what your brand (and your) business can actually be.  We believe you can BE THE BEST in your field even if you don't quite see it yet. This BTW is called succeeding through creation instead of through competition. It’s the idea that if you create something that stands out enough you become more special to people and then there actually is no competition. Another thing our clients experience is a sense of clarity. This happens after the first consultation. It’s a feeling that you understand what you need to do. That you have a clear path to success. Sometimes it’s about simplifying what you do, other times its about combining a few services into one. That clarity depends on where you are.  Having clarity means your customers also gain clarity and so does everyone around you which immediately translates to more sales and referrals. Our customers also experience renewed energy and creativity and a new found faith in the ability of their business to succeed and flourish. And all this brings on a sense of confidence that helps create a virtuous cycle - confidence, helps get more positive reaction, which increases confidence which increases sales which increases confidence… Ok, enough about us and our clients… You have a unique business. Our formula is not a process we just slap on any business. Our formula is just a guideline. Every business is unique and all our programs and offers have custom elements that make our process right for you. Yes, there are some basic skills we’d like you to understand and utilize - but your brand is your brand. It needs to be right for you and your audience - after all, we’re working toward unique and memorable not cookie cutter and off the shelf. If you’re ready to stand out click the link below to schedule a free consultation. Let us help you assess your brand, where you are with your business and if we may be a fit to work together!

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