Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand Roadmap is both a process and a result. The process is our method to turn your business into a brand. That means a consistent message that’s unique in the market. The result is a PDF brand document that clearly defines what you do, who you do it for, why you do it and all the other things it takes to clearly define a brand. Things like your positioning, your core message and tagline, your brand personality, tone-of-voice, etc.

We have experience in many industries from retail to service, from personal brands to tech startups. We generally separate clients into different groups for ease of communication. Coaches, consultants, speakers and personal brands are one group we work with. Creative businesses like designers, performers, photographers and filmmakers are another. We also work with founders and startups. These are businesses that either provide services or sell products but are still founder-led and growing. To give you some examples, we’ve successfully developed brands for: An apparel company, a performance coach, a meditation studio, a title and escrow company, an innovations lab, a physical therapist, a fashion designer, an education development company, a spoken word artist, a social activist and many others.

The Brand Roadmap process involves three collaborative sessions with you and your team. Homework is assigned between sessions. Once the sessions are done, our team goes back and creates the roadmap PDF. This usually takes 3 to 5 working days. Some companies like to move faster through the process and we’ve done it in as little as two weeks, but our recommendation is to let it progress over 3 to 4 weeks so there’s time to digest the new brand message and make sure it’s really a fit for the long run.

Traditional branding is all about logos and design. But these days, with so many communication channels the definition of branding has changed. Today, branding is more about the experience a customer has of your business wherever they may encounter it. A phone call with you, your website, an event… everything’s fair game. What we do is craft the core of that overall experience. The message. Once you have that, you can take it anywhere - you can build your website, start a marketing campaign, create new products and offers - all of which are aligned with and are an extension of your overall brand.

The Roadmap is an awesome document you can use in many ways. You can use it as a sales deck to present your business to potential customers. You can use it to onboard new team members and teach them what your brand stands for. And you can give the document to designers, marketers or any other vendor so they understand exactly how to serve you best. It will save you time, frustration and lots of back and forth with anyone you work with in the future.

One of the reasons we’ve formatted The Brand Roadmap the way we have is to be able to have transparent pricing. Most agencies that do what we do size a customer up and charge according to what they’ll think a client will pay. Our transparent pricing structure means everyone pays the same for the same product. No BS, no games. Just a tried and true service at an affordable price. You can download the pricing guide directly from the top of this page.