Brand School

Our flagship program designed to help you clarify your message, get noticed and build an irresistible, engaging brand.

Building a brand is challenging. It takes multi-disciplinary skill, a clear vision and lots of feedback and support.  As it’s often said, it’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle. That’s why we designed BrandSchool, the most innovative and effective branding program on the market. Period. Part class, part peer-supported workshop, part expert-led consultation – BrandSchool is unlike anything else out there. It’s a unique package designed to teach you the complex language of branding, arming you with all the tools you need on your journey from anonymity to ubiquity.


Building the perfect brand is a complicated business that can seem overwhelming at first. Even if you’ve been around for years, you may not have mastered the art of creating a ‘brand experience’, where people connect with your company on a level that’s about more than just products and services. We’ve developed a bulletproof process to guide you from start to finish, providing structure and support every step of the way. Together, we’ll develop a brand identity that truly represents who you are and what you’re all about. Getting this right will help you attract more of your ideal customers while increasing the perceived value of your products or services, allowing you to raise your prices while still growing your business.


By breaking down branding into 6 components, we'll work on every aspect of your brand week to week and iterate our way to success. 


Vision is everything, the foundation on which the entirety of your brand rests. If you can dream it, we can build it.
  • Create a clear compelling vision
  • Set goals - process goals vs. results goals
  • Begin crafting your brand as an authentic expression of your vision


Explore your tribe – learn how to speak directly to the deeper needs of your ideal customers.
  • Survey your audience to learn how to engage them on a deeper level
  • Create ideal customer profiles
  • Study your competition and find your positioning in the market
  • Create (vs. find) your niche


Harness the potential of the most powerful tool you possess – your story – to engage people on a deeper level.
  • Learn why storytelling is the most powerful method of human communication
  • Use your personal story as a powerful communication tool to engage and influence
  • Craft winning bios, case studies and more to convey only the information you need your audience to know.


Clarify your message and learn how to communicate with your customers in a way that’s content-rich, consistent, and recognizable.
  • Craft compelling messaging that aligns with your vision and speaks to your audience
  • Clarify your communication across all platforms and "touch points".
  • Create feedback loops to test how your message resonates with your market


Build a brand that represents you, embodies your values, and expresses your business authentically.
  • Save time and money by learning to speak with designers
  • Easily manage creating a logo, a website and visual identity
  • Find your tone and personality in all your communication


Develop a simple, customized marketing plan that breeds consistency and brings in clients.
  • Create a simple marketing plan that works
  • Focus only on the channels that prove effective
  • Build a marketing system that consistently brings in clients
  • Use digital and analog campaigns to reach your people


We’ll meet live online once a week across a 12-week period, with each session zeroing in on one of the fundamental steps required to build your brand. You’ll be given a variety of tasks to implement between sessions so that you’re able to start moving your brand forward from week one. Every second session will act as a workshop where we can discuss the progress you’ve made, offer further help and advice, and generally make sure you’re on track. Classes are small, live and taught by an experienced mentor who you can interact with at any time. We also provide guest speakers from various disciplines each month. Copywriters, messaging experts, ad execs, digital marketers – industry experts who are able offer specialist insight into your business. These guys have helped shape some of the biggest, most recognizable brands around, and they know what it takes to stand out a be noticed.


BrandSchool has been designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses at all stages of brand development. Our people are entrepreneurs, design and digital agencies, creators and creatives, coaches and consultants – anyone who’s building something that has to look and feel just right in order to stand out and be noticed. We love working with action-takers, doers – people prepared to engage  from day one so that they can have the kind of impact on the world they envision.. Ultimately, BrandSchool is for people who want to take control over their story and create something their market and audience simply can’t resist. Something honest, something true, something that stands out and gets noticed.
Gil is the real deal. We've been having issues properly communicating our brand message for quite some time. Even after just one session we've learnt so much. He dissected the messaging on our website and really started to dig deeper into why we started our business. He hit us with some tough questions. The process revealed so much more about what we do and why we do it.
- Gerry Kelly, Founder, Sonas Denim
Gil, yesterday's deep dive was brilliant, can't thank you enough. The way you so quickly identified our core struggle from the million things we haphazardly presented to you was phenomenal! Your articulation of things was so spot on, we both left the conversation feeling like you've been with this project for much much more than just 90 minutes. Thanks a ton again, and we'll send our homework across soon :) Amazed and very grateful.
- Manasi Parikh, Founder, Bechain Nagri


During the course we'll break branding down into its core elements but each participant will bring their own needs. Some will need to focus on messaging others on the structure of their website and others on finding a niche. Your results will vary based on how much work you put in and what you determine is the most important piece of the branding puzzle to tackle. All participants will gain a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful brand as well as have a brand roadmap that will guide their business for years to come. You'll have the confidence of understanding what the future of your business holds and gain clarity on how to attract customers and engage an audience. Furthermore participants will have the opportunity to create:

  • A brand roadmap
  • A brand marketing plan
  • Website messaging
  • Sales copy
  • Mission statement
  • Value statement
  • Video/content strategy
  • Developed tone of voice
  • and more...


Classes are live so you must attend each class to get the full benefit of the program. But if you can't make a session we'll make a recording available to you. 


Mentor: Gil Nevo Class 1 will meet every Tuesday at 8am PST (US Pacific) for 12 consecutive weeks beginning August 14th ending October 30, 2018.


Mentor: Gil Nevo Class 2 will meet every Wednesday at 11 am PST (US Pacific) for 12 consecutive weeks beginning August 15th ending October 31, 2018.


$195012 Weeks
  • Paid in full via PayPal


Our goal is to make sure every participant in the course walks away having received at least 10x their investment in the program. Please set up a free strategy session with your mentor to make sure it's a fit, to learn more about the course and begin working on your brand roadmap. The session is a completely free, no-sale session designed to actually get insight into your branding and move you forward. It's also part of our commitment to giving value first and helping creative entrepreneurs on their journey. Please make sure to include the following in your message:
  • Your name
  • Your website
  • Your industry
  • How you heard about Brand School
  • How long you've been serving customers in your industry
  • The obstacles you currently face with your brand and marketing
 Please provide any additional information that will help us assess your needs in preparation for our call. We'd love to take advantage of our time to provide as much value for you as possible. Fill out the form below or

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