Meet The Team...

Gil Nevo | Founder

I’m Gil Nevo, and I’ve been a creative in TV and advertising for over 15 years. I animated over 100 episodes of the show Southpark, as well as helped brand-powerhouses like Coca Cola, Ben & Jerry’s and Vitamin Water communicate their messages around the world. I’ve worked in many different capacities throughout my career, including as a designer, animator, art director, creative director and producer. I was lucky enough cut my teeth on some of the strongest, most coherent brands out there before going on to use what I’d learned in founding my own business – a media production agency called Nice Studios. Alongside the day job, I designed and built one of the first video editing apps for iPhone, wrote and produced a film that premiered at Comic Con, and have worked as both a coach and a mentor to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. I founded Brand School Live because I see an unfilled need in the market. Namely an affordable, effective program to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build brands. Branding is complicated. I want to make it simple, accessible and I want to see creatives and founders thrive in the new economy.

Clay Ostrom

Messaging | Strategy

Clay is the Founder/Owner of Map & Fire, a brand consulting firm in Los Angeles. As a message strategy expert who’s worked with major companies like Google and Sony, Clay helps entrepreneurs clarify not only their message, but also their product strategy and alignment between the two.

B Neimeth

Administrative Director

B is an artist, teacher and entrepreneur. She consults creative businesses on branding, operations and kicking ass and helps Brand School kick ass in more ways than we have room for here.

Greg Logan

Identity | Tone of Voice

Greg is the founder of The Definery, a branding company that specializes in messaging, tone of voice and brand identity. As a former copy writer at Leo Burnett, Greg brings 25+ years of expertise from working with brands like Google, HTC, Virgin, Subaru… If we try and name them all we’ll be here all day.

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